Healthy Food while travelling

By: Geirthrudur Alfredsdottir. 


When people are traveling, they often prefer to be able to eat good and healthy food,  despite being away from home. Sometimes when at an unfamiliar place, it can be hard to find restaurants that offer healthy food.

Here are some suggestions for healthy food stores and restaurants in several cities in America and Iceland, that offer healthy food. Many of the restaurants or stores in America are located in many cities and even at several locations in each city.

Probably the best results would be to check the website concerned and find the most convenient location.

The quality standards of these restaurants have not been checked by Fit To Fly, but they are known to be good.

If you have good tips on good health shops or good “health-restaurants” then please send feedback to us on

USA and Canada:

Health stores that can be found in many cities:

GNC, website
Trader Joe’s,  website
Wholefoods market: website


Joeyrestaurants, in USA and Canada – website
Puregreen, juice + smoothies,  in New York – website
The thinking cup, in Boston – website
The Butcher’s daughter in New York – website
Wholefoods market, in many cities in USA – website
Veggiegrill, in many cities in USA – website



Gló: website
Happ: website
Lifandi markaður í Reykjavík – website


Geirthrudur Alfredsdottir is an airline captain and the editor of Fit To Fly.

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