Snacks to take on a flight… delicious, healthy and easy to make

By: Margret Leifsdottir and Oddrun Helga Simonardottir.

Delicious, easy to make and healthy

– When we take a trip on an aeroplane, we are often going on holiday, and when we are on holiday, we generally want to pamper ourselves. Often this means eating something that we find really, really delicious even if we don’t really feel well after having eaten it. Is it possible, however, to have it all? To eat something we really, really like and still feel good about it afterwards?

Here are some ideas for snacks to take on a flight for those who do not want to buy airplane food. The idea is to ensure that the snacks are sinfully good and that you will still feel good after eating them. The recipes are simple, healthy, delicious and flight friendly.

Tandoori chicken salad with pickled red onion… perfect for the trip

Ingredients:  Nesti fyrir flug_Tandoorikjuklingasallat_2

Arugula.  ½-1cooked chicken breast per person. Spices for the chicken breast: tandoori, paprika and a quality chicken seasoning, e.g. from Pottagaldrar. Cherry tomatoes cut in half. A good spoonful of feta cheese in each box. 1 tablespoon pickled red onion (with lime and salt) in each box.


  1. Cut the red onion in thin slices, squeeze lime juice over them and season with salt. Allow to marinate for a few minutes.
  2. Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces and fry in a frying pan. (I use coconut oil to fry the chicken pieces).
  3. Mix everything together in a box and remember to take a fork with you.


Tandoori Chicken Wrap



For those who aren’t particularly fond of salads, it is a good idea to drop the contents of the chicken salad above into a tortilla and wrap it in baking paper.


Delicious Chia Porridge

chia grautur


1 cup almond milk. 1/5 cup Chia seeds. ¼ tsp vanilla powder. A few raspberries/blueberries, fresh or frozen.

Special version: fresh strawberries and finely chopped 70% organic chocolate.


  1. Pour the milk into a bowl and add the chia seeds and the vanilla powder.
  2. Stir every now and again while the seeds are absorbing the liquid (approx. 15 min.).
  3. Add the fruit and enjoy!

Almond Milk

1 dl almonds, soaked for 8–12 hours. Drain and rinse the almonds.

Add 3–4 dl water and 2–3 dates, place in blender and grind thoroughly.



Ideal as a snack whether going on an international flight or on a picnic.



100 g coconut oil (melted). 1 dl coconut palm sugar. 1 egg. 1 tsp cream of tartar. 2 dl almond flour. 1 dl grated coconut. ½ tsp salt. 100 g chopped chocolate. ½ dl toasted hazelnuts or sunflower seeds.



  1. Melt the coconut oil by e.g. putting the correct amount into a glass or jar and placing it in another vessel containing hot water.
  2. Chop the chocolate.
  3. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well together.
  4. Place the batter on the baking tray using a teaspoon.
  5. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 180°C.


Summery Lemon Balls

Protein-rich and filling



1 dl soft dates. 1 dl toasted almonds. 1 dl cashew nuts. Grated rind of half a lemon. Knife tip of pure vanilla. Pinch of salt. Grated coconut to coat the balls.



  1. Start by toasting the almonds in an oven at 150°C for 10 minutes.
  2. Grate the almonds and cashew nuts.
  3. Add the vanilla powder, salt and lemon rind.
  4. Slowly add the dates.
  5. Form small balls and coat with grated coconut.


This recipe is a good base recipe and can easily be changed according to taste and whatever you have on hand. It is, for example, a good idea to use a little bit of almond butter and then use a bit less of the dates. You can also use other nuts such as walnuts or pecan nuts. You could also use less nuts and add instead grated coconut, sesame seeds and mulberries.

(If using organic dried dates, these will need to be soaked for 20 minutes, and you may even have to boil them for a few minutes).

Try using orange rind instead of lemon rind, in which case you will have orange balls.


Fruit, vegetables and berries

In addition, it is always a good idea to put berries or cherry tomatoes in a box or chop some cucumber, carrots, apples or other fruits to take along.


Margret Leifsdottir is a health coach for IIN and an architect.  Margrét Leifs webside and on facebook

Oddrun Helga Simonardóttir is a health coach for IIN.   Oddrun Helga webside.  The healthy mom.