If there existed a magical medication

By: Ágústa Johnson



If there existed a medication, free of side-effects, that, in small doses prevented common life-threatening diseases and decreased the risk of an untimely death, wouldn’t we all take it?

If the medication was proven to have the following effects: 

  • Decrease the chance of death due to heart disease and certain types of cancers.
  • Play a vital role in preventing Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, and hypertension.
  • Improve mental health and protect against depression.
  • Increase energy, confidence, and virility.
  • Decrease the chances of mental deterioration and dementia.
  • Give children an endless source of energy for play, joy, strength, and confidence.

A medication with increased benefits with generous, regular dosing. Everybody would benefit from this solution without prescription and it wouldn’t cost the healthcare system a cent.

Is this a revolutionary drug we are talking about? A drug that could save the healthcare system enormous amounts of money each year and perhaps lighten the load on the worn-down system.

But wait… THE REMEDY EXISTS and has been mostly the same since the beginning of humanity.In the recent years a great number of studies has repeatedly shown that this remedy is highly beneficial.

Doesn’t this magical solution deserve our attention? Surely, it should be the most-prescribed drug in the world?

The sceptics need clear proof of its effects, and rightly so, since, quite frankly, this whole thing sounds too good to be true.

The conclusions of a brand-new research, the most extensive to date, that was published on 8 August in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

The findings of 17 researches in total with 227,000 participants, showed that only a small dose substantially decreased the risk of an untimely death. With each small increase of the “dose,” the effects increased as well. 

Readers have at this point, in all likelihood, guessed what phenomenon we are talking about, yes it’s exercise.

The interesting news is that it is not necessary to grind, bust your gut, and sweat excessively to enjoy the benefits. Almost everyone, in all age groups, in various shapes, can exercise and reap the benefits. It is as simple and as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, step by step, and multiple improvements follow.

Almost everyone can benefit from exercise. Even minimal exercise can have extremely positive effect, especially as we age. The combined research strongly indicated that sedentary lifestyle can increase the chance of heart disease and a shorter lifespan.

Good health is not just luck. Bad health can often be treated without popping pills that may in fact only treat the symptoms not the root of the problem as well as coming with not so pleasant side effects. Lifestyle diseases surface, diseases that as the name suggests, stem from bad lifestyle, smoking, bad diet, and lack of exercise.

Over the years, research after research has shown that people that do not exercise are many times more likely to die in that year, than those who exercise regularly. The chance of an untimely death due to lack of exercise is considered three times more than due to smoking.

Preventative measures are the best treatment for many diseases and increase the quality of life considerably. You can say that the key to good health and increased quality of life throughout life is exercise.

Let’s take full responsibility of our own health, exercise and train the body regularly, all year round, all of our lives. Do the best you can do for your health and never stop. Nobody does it for you.

Ágústa Johnson is the Managing Director of Hreyfing  (hreyfing.is)